Il Gallo Nero Italian Trattoria

At Il Gallo Nero, you can savor authentic Tuscan cuisine. Some of our best sellers include our 12” Pizza Margherita, Caesar Salad, Putanesca and a whole lot more. We take great measures to stay authentic with most of our ingredients being imported. Visit us, as the Gallo Nero (black rooster) awaits you!

Authentic Tuscan Cuisine

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Grigliata di Carne

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Penne with Squid and Anchovy in Tomato Sauce


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Frito Misto di Mare

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Certified Angus Steak

Restaurant hours

Sunday to Thursday open from 11am to 9pm.
Friday to Saturday open from 11am to 10pm.

Contact numbers:
0943-044-8856 (Sun)
0915-641-3013 (Globe)

The hotel, open 24 hours can also take messages:
Tel. Nos.: (046)413-0770 / (046)412-6341 / (046)413-4076
Wireless Landline: (02)664-1495
Fax: (046)413-4076
Cell Phone Nos.: 0906-261-5292 / 0922-818-5468
E-mail Address: